About Company

Founded in 2011, Atymar Shipyard has an international team with great experience in designing and building all types of vessels, including launches, yachts and the most varied types of service boats in Brazil, Europe and the United States.

Atymar Shipyard currently has 5 models of series boats of great commercial success in Brazil, all developed by the shipyard team. Other series models are in development phase for short release. Atymar also builds tailor-made boats for the most varied uses, such as tenders, fishing boats and military.


Build high quality boats using the most advanced technologies available in the world to ensure flawless navigability, passenger safety and competitive pricing.


Take our boats to all parts of the world, being an international reference yard.


– Integrity
– Sustainability
– Continuous improvement
– Technology
– Innovation


Atymar Shipyard uses the latest technologies to design and build your boats.
All parts were designed and calculated by the best professionals in the market using the most advanced techniques and following the international standards.
The use of high precision machines to maintain project fidelity and thus ensure better performance and safety of vessels is one of the priorities of the yard.